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Welcome typewriter friends! Are you looking for a typewriter repair shop in your area? This is a free directory of typewriter repair shops around the U.S. – and the world. 

Please note: we’ve linked or added contact info as provided to us. Know of someone who offers typewriter repair? Please send their information to us at hello@jotandtittletypewriters.com and we’ll add their name!

1963 Olympia SM7


    • American Typewriter Repair (William Lee); Montgomery, 334-269-6924
  • Phoenix Typewriter; Phoenix, 602-992-7611
  • Typewriter Muse; Riverside, CA
  • US Office Machines Co. (Ruben 323-256-2111); Los Angeles
  • Kehlet Typewriter; Sacramento
  • Los Altos Typewriter And Business Machines; Los Altos,CA
  • McDavid Typewriter Services; Jacksonville
  • Spectrum Business; St. Paul
  • Vale Typewriter; Richfield
  • Action Office Equipment; Salt Lake City, 801-484-1491


Coronet automatic 10 typewriter

Additionally, you can search this list here. I do not know how current it is. Those in the list above have been recommended by someone or they contacted me personally. If you, or someone you know, want to be added to this list, let us know!