1956 Pink Royal Quiet Deluxe
1962 Olympia Splendid 33
1961 Royal Futura 800
1953 Olympia SM3


It's Fall and that means it's our busy season when our business doubles during these months. We recommend SHOPPING EARLY this year as we are all aware of shipping delays due to many variables. Need some tips on BUYING A TYPEWRITER FOR A GIFT? I offer 10 Tips in my latest blog post.

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Here you’ll find working vintage typewriters for writers, creatives, students, and those who are just starting out in the world of typewriters.

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From the late 1800s to the 1970s, we repair, service, clean, and test the most popular brands of vintage typewriters. View our gallery to see some of the machines that have made their way through our shop doors.


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This typewriter is absolutely wonderful! I had my eye on a 1970s hot pink Electra 120 they previously posted; I was hesitant to buy, but once it sold I found myself disappointed. So I did a bunch of research to make sure that was the right model for me and looked up what days they posted new products. As soon as I saw this beauty I knew I needed to own it. No regrets. Laura is very friendly and helpful as well. Overall great experience. 🙂

(Lydia 10.12.21, Etsy Review)



Fingers on the keys of a typewriter are portals to adventure, imagination, and artistry. Enter in and discover what inspires you.



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