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Simpler Times

Whether you’re a professional writer, journaler, student, crafter, or vintage lover, typewriters are still relevant, useful, and a delight. Intrigued with thoughts of simpler times I started my search for a VINTAGE TYPEWRITER nearly 5 years ago. That curiosity birthed a love of typing (and a fun business!).

The feeling of my fingers on keys and hearing the newsroom-ish clickety-clack as ink squishes between metal and paper is soothing to my soul.

We upload new vintage typewriter listings every Saturday morning. Check early because we sell through quickly.
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1970s Pink Electra 110-08
1970s Electra 110 Hot Pink
1957 Webster XL-500
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1957 Royal Quiet Deluxe
featured coral
1960s Electra 120, Coral
1094 - 1959 Royal Dart-08

A typewriter is an extension
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We are Laura & Rob, and we started Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters in the fall of 2018 as Laura was wanting to do more writing – but without the distraction of the computer. 

While searching for a vintage typewriter that we could fix up on our own, we thought it would be fun to see if we could sell typewriters on the side. Nearly 5 years and 1500+ typewriters later…we’re still having fun!

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