Thank you for choosing to shop with Jot + Tittle Vintage Typewriters. We are a small mom and pop business and we do everything we can to make your experience with us the best it can be.

We ship through major carriers (UPS and FedEx) and require signature confirmation due to the value and delicate nature of vintage typewriters.

We try to prepare for events that can cause damage to your typewriter. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are no longer able to secure shipping insurance (if you want the full story, I give it at the bottom of this page). We’ve been in business nearly 6 years and have learned to pack our typewriters very well so they can endure a significant amount of bumps, but sometimes there is still damage from the carriers. Overall, only 1-2% of our shipments arrive damaged (2% is a high figure. For example, in 2023 we shipped over 300 typewriters and 4 of those shipments arrived damaged).

The likelihood that your typewriter sustains significant damage is quite low, however if you are that 1% that does receive a damaged shipment, it sucks.


Minor damage can occur and most of those we can work with you over email or the phone or there might be a chip, scratch, or dent but the typewriter is still functional. But for those instances where the damage impacts the performance of the typewriter (compared to the performance as shown in the demo video for your particular typewriter), this is our shipping policy:

Please inspect your typewriter package immediately. If you suspect shipping damage do the following:

  1. Contact me (Laura) at to let us know. Remember, you MUST email us with 48 hours of receiving the package. The signature on your delivery gives us the time and day your package was delivered.
  2. We will start communicating with you asap. Please be patient as it may take a day or two to respond.
  3. Provide a phone number as well. For minor issues, Rob will either email or call you to try to resolve the issue over the phone.
  4. For significant damage, please take photos of the box, case, and damage to the typewriter. You can also send a video.
  5. Once we determine that shipping has resulted in damage to the PERFORMANCE of the typewriter, we will give the okay for you to return the typewriter for a full refund.
  6. Return the typewriter to: Jot + Tittle Vintage Typewriters, 5 Paola Lane, Kimberling City, MO 65686. We recommend using for the best shipping rates.
  7. Once we receive the typewriter back in our shop, we will issue a full refund within 1-2 business days.❤️


Good question. And I wish we knew the answer as well. It boils down to we received a letter from the largest shipping insurance company (who works with Etsy, Pirate Ship, and other companies that offer discounted shipping for small business) indicating that we could no longer secure shipping insurance from them. I did not get a reason why other than we were considered a significant risk and that their decision was final. They never contacted us prior to their decision. Over the 6 years of being in business, we have filed, on average, 2-3 claims per year, which is actually around 1% of our shipments. However, in 2023, we had two shipments arrive damaged in one week and that must have flagged their underwriting department. I can only speculate. There was no option for appealing.

As a result, we decided to ship directly through the shipping carrier so we could have access to shipping insurance. This has resulted in significantly higher shipping costs. We did it anyway. However, when there was a damaged shipment, the carrier has not only not honored the shipping insurance we purchased, but refuses to communicate with us through email or phone. We’ve even been unable to get an acknowledgement that we filed a claim.

This has left us with our only option: to self-insure, which is very risky on our end as we are not a big company and it is very difficult for us financially. The shipping policy above adds risk and expense but should be a workable solution for all involved. We thank you for your understanding.

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