Welcome To Jot & Tittle

Started in August 2018, Jot & Tittle developed out of my desire to have a vintage typewriter for distraction-free writing. After dragging my feet for a while, my husband found an old one that needed some work. I looked for other options and discovered a new, amazing world of beautiful machines. Intrigued, both my husband and I found several vintage typewriters that needed some TLC, and so we thought, “why not?”.

Rob repairing a typewriter. Jot and Tittle vintage typewriters
My husband, Rob, working on one of our first typewriters.

JOT & TITTLE: Side hustle vs. Main Squeeze

What began as a mild interest in cleaning up old typewriters quickly ballooned into a thriving business from the first week. We thought this would be a nice side hustle but it’s quickly becoming our Main Squeeze!

Patience is appreciated as we grow into our shoes, so-to-speak. We’re scrambling to get a website built, social media platforms up and running, preparing for special events…oh, and still hunting for fabulous treasures that we can clean up for a growing demand for vintage items.

In addition to our website, our typewriters are on Etsy. Click here to view our Etsy Shop.


Believe it or not, what has begun as an unexpected adventure, is really fulfilling some dreams I already had. As a result, I am so excited about the plans we have for Jot & Tittle. New products are already on their way, including ones that are designed by us.

If you love to write, send or receive letters via snail mail, think envelope art is really cool, a creative person, and are absolutely in love with the vintage modern trend that is gaining momentum – we’d love to have you stay in touch with us!

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