The machines that have passed through our doors


1900s - 1970s
Small, portable and a true gem. This 1913 Corona 3 anti
1915 Corona Three
1915 Corona Three Antique Typewriter. Folding typewrite
1919 Corona Three
1919 Corona Three Antique Typewriter. Folding typewrite
1926 Corona Four
1926 Corona Four Antique typewriter
1928 Underwood 4 Bank
1928 Underwood Four Bank
1936 Corona Sterling Burgundy
1936 Corona Sterling in the original Burgundy gloss ena
1936 Royal Model O
1936 Royal Model O Vintage Typewriter. Portable, manual
1939 Underwood Universal
1939 Underwood Universal Vintage Typewriter
1940 Remington 5
1940 Remington 5 by Remington Rand. Portable typewriter
1941 Corona Sterling Jot and Tittle vintage typewriters
A classic machine in matte black and speedlines. Manual
1946 Royal Arrow vintage typewriter
1946 Royal Arrow Portable vintage typewriter. Original
1949 Smith Corona Sterling
1949 Smith Corona Sterling vintage typewriter. Brown. P
1951 Underwood Finger Flite Champion. Original colors.ย
1952 Royal HHE typewriter
1952 Royal HHE vintage typewriter. Repainted. Original
1956 underwood leader portable typewriter
1956 Underwood Leader portable vintage typewriter. So c
1959 Hermes Rocket
1959 Hermes Rocket travel typewriter with metal case co
This looks so yummy! The Adler typewriters are excellen
1960s Sears Citation
1960s Sears Citation vintage typewriter. Repainted. Thi
1961 Smith Corona Sterling Seafoam Green
One of the most popular typewriter body styles! Typical
1963 Olympia SF
The 1963 Olympia SF Deluxe is an excellent machine that
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