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  1. It’s beautiful. Paint isn’t quite as shiny as it looked in pics online, but I still LOVE it

  2. Nice site (coud have more products), good service / delivery

  3. Excellent packing, works wonderfully. The ribbon spool cover sticks or is out of adjustment on the left side, this was not mentioned in the YouTube video—it’s hard for me to believe you were not aware of this, and did not mention it. Very firm pressure must be used to get left side pushed down/back enough so the outermost keys don’t hit the cover on their way to the platen. See photos, which clearly show the difference of the fit when comparing the left and right side. This maladjustment causes the paint to chip on the left side where the cover meets the body.

    Image #1 from Suzzanne H.
    Image #2 from Suzzanne H.
  4. This is very minor, but I found the salutation, “Blessings” a religious connotation, which seems odd in a business exchange.