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  1. BUYER BEWARE! ! I purchased the Smith Corona 200 for $175.00 for my granddaughter who asked me for a typewriter for her birthday. The typewriter was delivered on time and was packed well. However, when we opened it it never worked! The letters transposed (typed) on top of each other and the space bar never worked! I did contact the seller and they did try to walk me through how to fix it. I tried everything and so did my son-in-law who can fix just about anything. I would have liked to return it or at least get some money back, but was informed by Jot and Tittle it was sold “as is, and it’s the inherent risk you take with vintage typewriters.” Last time I checked, all typewriters at this point are vintage! I guess I didn’t scroll down the page far enough to see “as is.” I could see if we had the typewriter for a few weeks and problems arose, but this thing didn’t work from the get-go. Why bother selling it to begin with if didn’t work?? It’s just the principle of the matter. My granddaughter was heart broken and now I have a typewriter that is sitting broken in my living room and I’m out $175.00 just like that!