Universal Ribbon, 20 Ft. (pre-packaged)

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Universal Typewriter ribbon on a plastic spool. Prepackaged. Approx. 20 ft. Fits most vintage typewriters.

Standard 2″ round spools with Black/Red combo ribbon.

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These ribbons are universal typewriter ribbons with a 2″ plastic spool. This will fit MOST vintage typewriters. Black/red combination.

Prepackaged on plastic spools with approx. 20 ft. ribbon. A nice economical choice.

For hand-rolled ribbons in either black only or black-red combo and with a choice of metal or plastic spools, Click Here.

Typewriter ribbons last a long time. Make sure you use up all the ink in your ribbon before you switch out spools. Remember, when you get to the end of the spool, reverse the direction of your ribbon on your typewriter to keep using it! (Visit our YouTube channel to show you how)

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