1953 Sterling by Smith-Corona, repainted

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1953 Sterling vintage typewriter by Smith-Corona. 5A Series.

Normally we don’t paint such a classy typewriter but this one had some rough years and needed a little facelift! (We all need a little help sometimes). The top cover has a small dent in it.

Suitable for authors and those with longer writing projects. A great working vintage typewriter! You will love how it types. A solid, trustworthy typewriter. You can’t go wrong. It’s smooth and easy (like a Sunday morning).

This 1953 Sterling typewriter does NOT have a case to go with it. Also, the shift lock releases after a few characters.

Check out the typing demo video I created so you can see for yourself how well it works. Also, it helps you know how to use the typewriter (and where to find the tab stops!) https://youtu.be/hq1pzSCHfjI

The typewriter is repaired, cleaned, and a fresh ribbon is installed. It’s ready to go! Reminder, this portable typewriter does NOT have a case.

Remember…we CLEAN, SERVICE, REPAIR, & TEST all our typewriters. Also, we give you 3-days to make sure it is working as we say.

Base price is $225 and includes shipping.

A 6-month warranty is available. Add 12×12″ black typewriter pad for $13.99 or an additional ribbon for $6.95. Make your selections below:

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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  • 1953 Sterling vintage typewriter by Smith-Corona
  • CLEANED, SERVICED AND TESTED (Read more here )
  • FREE shipping
  • Orders shipped via FedEx
  • WE TAKE OUT THE RISK. With every typewriter, we give you 3 days to make sure there’s no shipping damage and it’s working as we said it did. (See video links below)
  • Typing Demo video: https://youtu.be/hq1pzSCHfjI
  • We do NOT Restore or Refurbish. We get the typewriters to a working condition, using the original parts, at the time of shipment.
  • The bell works
  • Add a felt typewriter pad for $13.99
  • Uses a standard Universal Ribbon with a 2″ spool. Extra ribbons are $6.95
  • Repainted
  • NO case
  • Serial #5A-474841


1. Our level of service: https://youtu.be/VAxLY5mdSXE
2. If your typewriter arrives damaged: https://youtu.be/-FAJrBr9LHQ
3. Blog Post: The Difference Between Serviced, Refurbished & Restored
4. 6-Month Warranty explanatory video: https://youtu.be/QvBfV2OCf4A

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 in

NO warranty (AS-IS), 6-month Warranty


NO extra ribbon, 1 extra ribbon


NO typewriter pad, 12×12 Typewriter Pad (Black)