1952 Underwood Universal



The performance/keystroke on this typewriter is AMAZING! So smooth and the typeface is very clean. The original dark green finish. 1952 Underwood Universal. A new ribbon is installed. Please read full description for more info.

Please watch the demo video to see how it works before you buy:

? TYPING DEMO VIDEO => https://youtu.be/EGKqoV9Y4fg

YOU are responsible for reading the FULL DESCRIPTION (below) and watching all the videos provided for all details. Choose below if you would like to add an extra ribbon, a 6 Mo. warranty, or a non-slip Typewriter Pad

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? WATCH IT HERE!!>>>> Here’s a TYPING DEMO video I created for this typewriter so you can see for yourself how well it works BEFORE you buy: https://youtu.be/K35pCOOA8wk

We also offer typewriter tutorials on our YouTube channel if you need assistance operating your machine.

? UNDERWOOD UNIVERSAL TUTORIAL video: https://youtu.be/wxR21MwmBj4


▪️A handsome dark green vintage typewriter. This Underwood Universal has a metal logo plate on the front and the original dark green matte finish is in very nice condition. A few of the keys show some signs of scratching/wear. Also, the right platen handle feels loose, but still works. The bell does not work.

▪️The performance/keystroke on this typewriter is AMAZING! So smooth and the typeface is very clean. Tabs are not available on this model. It’s very attractive and performs well overall.

▪️One other note, the Margin Release works a bit differently so please watch the DEMO VIDEO or the TUTORIAL so you can see how to use the margin release.

Please be sure to look at the photos closely and watch the typing DEMO video and the typewriter TUTORIAL videos. Remember, we SERVICE our typewriters. We do NOT Restore or Refurbish. We get the typewriters to a working condition using original parts.

REMEMBER, YOU ARE PURCHASING A VINTAGE ITEM! This typewriter is 69 years old! 

We CLEAN, SERVICE, REPAIR, & TEST all our typewriters, and they come with a new ribbon installed.

I recommend using a dust cover when not in use.

The dimensions for this typewriter are:

  • 13″ wide
  • 12.5″ deep
  • 5.5″ tall

  • WE TAKE OUT THE RISK…you have 3-days to review this typewriter to make sure it works as we say it does in our description and typing demo.
  • FREE shipping
  • Orders shipped via FedEx. Signature Required.
  • ? Typing Demo video: https://youtu.be/K35pCOOA8wk
  • Add a NON-SLIP felt typewriter pad for $20
  • Uses a universal ribbon. A new one is installed. Add-on an extra ribbon for only $8
  • The bell doesn’t work
  • 1952 Underwood Universal
  • Portable typewriter. Original finish
  • Original hard-sided case in decent condition. One of the clips that lock the typewriter in place sticks when trying to remove the typewriter.
  • Serial #N2380184


1. Our level of service (Serviced vs. Refurbished): https://youtu.be/VAxLY5mdSXE
2. If your typewriter arrives damaged: https://youtu.be/-FAJrBr9LHQ
3. Blog Post: The Difference Between Serviced, Refurbished & Restored
4. 6-Month Warranty explanatory video: https://youtu.be/QvBfV2OCf4A


If you purchase the warranty option, we will cover any mechanical issues NOT mentioned in the listing or demo video as a result of regular daily use for 6-months from the day our tracking information shows that the typewriter has arrived. We recommend taking out your typewriter immediately and testing it for any issues. This warranty covers performance issues such as broken draw band, stuck keys, space bar malfunction, etc. It does NOT cover damage done to the exterior (chipped paint) or damage from misuse or accidents, such as dropping, banging, improper use. Any attempts to adjust or repair the typewriter on your own VOIDS the warranty.

  • The customer is responsible for returning the typewriter to our shop at your own cost and insured.
  • We are responsible for repairing the typewriter at no cost and returning it to the customer, insured, at no cost to the customer.
  • If the typewriter is unrepairable, we will refund the full amount of the typewriter (less the cost of the warranty or any add-ons purchased). Questions? Please send us a direct message at hello@jotandtittletypewriters.com.

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 in