1932 Smith Corona (Repainted)


FREE SHIPPING. REPAINTED. 1932 Smith Corona flat top. Originally was maroon but needed repainting. Operationally in great condition but the paint bubbled on us and so is uneven. We have compensated in the price for the imperfections in the paint. But still a wonderful typing machine! Here’s your chance to get a highly sought after typewriter for a great price!! Read the FULL description for all the details.

See it in action before you buy: https://youtu.be/2kaQT_gDl54

All sales are final but each shipment is fully insured. A 6-month warranty is available as an Add-On.

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1932 Smith Corona flat top, REPAINTED. PLEASE READ ALL THE NOTES.
(no prefix)

Original hard-sided case in okay condition
dimensions: 14.5″ x 12″ x 6″
serial number: 1028463
🎥 Combined typing demo AND tutorial video: https://youtu.be/2kaQT_gDl54


This 1932 Smith Corona (no prefix) comes before the Standard, Sterling, etc. Operationally, this is a great typewriter. I enjoyed the feel of the keys and was able to type fairly quickly on this machine. Suitable for medium to heavy use. Suitable for petite hands as well!


REPAINTED. Here’s your chance to get a highly sought-after typewriter for a great price!! The original finish was maroon but was not in good condition. We repainted portions of it but PLEASE NOTE, the paint, in this case, bubbled on us and did not come out perfectly. Also, the front panel of the typewriter looks two-tone maroon. (This didn’t show in the images but you can see it in the demo video). We have adjusted the price considerably because the finish is uneven and bubbled (please see images). Normally we would price this around $375.
Comes with the original case. The outer cloth is torn in several places but is still relatively sturdy.
The performance is very nice with a smooth keystroke and everything works. Metal spools included with EXTRA new ribbon.

We recommend adding a non-slip typewriter pad to keep the typewriter from scooting across the table.

Serviced, cleaned, tested, new ribbon installed, demo & tutorial videos. Be sure to watch the demo video so you can see how it performs!  This uses a Universal Typewriter ribbon, 2-colors. A new black/red ribbon is installed for you. An extra ribbon can be added to your order and future replacement ribbons may be purchased on Etsy or on our website.

(REMEMBER: we professionally SERVICE our typewriters and do NOT replace parts, unless otherwise noted. We do NOT restore or refurbish.)


  1. You are purchasing a VINTAGE item. There are inherent risks with vintage products.
  2. Free shipping via FedEx. Signature is required. We do NOT ship outside the mainland U.S.
  3. We professionally SERVICE our typewriters. This means we clean and perform minor repairs. We do NOT replace parts unless otherwise specified in the description. Our typewriters are not refurbished or restored. Please read this blog post that explains the difference.
  4. Knowing that there are inherent risks in vintage items, we offer a 6-month warranty as an add-on purchase. The warranty covers the cost of repairs and return shipping TO the customer. The customer covers shipping TO OUR SHOP. Please see the details of the warranty below.
  5. Shipping is hard on typewriters and sometimes things get shifted and jiggled around. Most of the time, any impact is minor. That being said, we are happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you might have. If there are any concerns, please contact Rob immediately at hello@jotandtittletypewriters.com.
  6. We provide a typing demo video for each of our typewriters so you can see how it works before you purchase. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU WATCH THE DEMO VIDEO FIRST! (link above)
  7. Shipping typewriters is expensive and risky. Sometimes things get jostled around and most of the time it is minor and an easy fix. We insure all our packages to cover the full cost of the typewriter. If your typewriter is damaged, please read our shipping and insurance policy here for instructions.
  8. The customer assumes responsibility for shipping TO our shop – no matter the reason. We cover shipping costs TO the customer.
  9. When you receive your typewriter, we highly recommend you rewatch the demo video and watch the tutorial video BEFORE you attempt to use the typewriter. (see links above)


If you purchase the warranty option, we will cover any mechanical issues NOT mentioned in the listing or demo video and are a result of regular daily use for 6-months starting from the day our tracking information shows that the typewriter has arrived. We recommend taking out your typewriter immediately and testing it for any issues. This warranty covers performance issues such as broken draw band, stuck keys, space bar malfunction, etc. It does NOT cover damage done to the exterior (chipped paint) or damage from misuse or accidents, such as dropping, banging, improper use. Any attempts to adjust or repair the typewriter on your own VOIDS the warranty. We will always attempt to address issues over the phone or email first. After that, if the problem has not been resolved, we’ll send you a prepaid return label. If there are damages as a direct result of shipping, please notify us immediately and follow the instructions found in our Shipping and Insurance Claim Policy.

Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters will cover the cost of repairs and return shipping. The customer is responsible for the cost of getting the typewriter to us for repairs. Our shipping address is: Jot & Tittle Typewriters; 5 Paola Lane; Kimberling City, MO 65686

If the typewriter is unrepairable, we will refund the full amount of the typewriter (less the cost of the warranty or any add-ons purchased). Questions? Please send us a direct message at hello@jotandtittletypewriters.com.

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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 13 × 6 in


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