1911 Royal Standard No. 1


FREE SHIPPING. RARE!! ➡️Original leather case! ⬅️ 111 years old Antique typewriter in WORKING CONDITION. 1911 Royal Standard No. 1. This is a treasure. 🔥 Please read the full description before purchasing. Serviced, cleaned, tested, new ribbon.

See it in action before you buy: https://youtu.be/_8eDSwkr6Y4

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IMPORTANT! Please read everything carefully. Click here to Read our full shipping and insurance claim policy prior to making a purchase.

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We professionally SERVICE our typewriters and do NOT replace parts, unless otherwise noted. We do NOT restore or refurbish.
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RARE. Hard To Find!
1911 Royal Standard No. 1

GORGEOUS original leather case!
dimensions: 15.25″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 8″ tall
serial number: 64094
Cleaned, Serviced, Tested, New ribbon installed
🎥 Combined typing demo video AND tutorial video: https://youtu.be/_8eDSwkr6Y4


OH MY GOODNESS! What a find!! This is a gorgeous machine and it works. 111 years old. This model is hard to find – ESPECIALLY WITH THE LEATHER CASE.
The decals are in good condition, though the sides do not have decals. Comes with the original spools and we’ve wound fresh black only ribbon on it. This typewriter uses specialty spools so you’ll want to make sure to keep these spools with the typewriter. The exterior is gorgeous!!
I combined the typewriter tutorial video with the typing demo video so there is only one extended video to go with this typewriter.

Be sure to really check out this leather case! If you happen to find a Royal No. 1, you probably won’t find the case with it. This leather case is stunning. It does have some wear and water damage, but for 111 years old it is still so beautiful. (I want to keep this typewriter JUST for the leather case!). ❤️

Operationally, this typewriter is impressive. I can type quickly and there was zero hesitation or stiffness. We did replace the draw string and it is a nice, sturdy draw string. On this typewriter, we are not offering a warranty ONLY BECAUSE TO SHIP THE BIG, HEAVY, ANITQUE TYPEWRITER IS VERY, VERY EXPENSIVE AND THE PACKING MUST BE DONE VERY CAREFULLY. Because of the high risk in shipping back and forth, we decided not to offer a warranty.

Original glass keys and beautifully aged keys.

Please watch the video I created so you can see my full review of this machine.

We recommend adding a non-slip typewriter pad to keep the typewriter from scooting across the table.

Serviced, cleaned, tested, new ribbon installed, demo & tutorial videos. Be sure to watch the demo video so you can see how it performs! There are no known issues. The Royal No. 1 uses a specialty spool and when you need new ribbon, please use the CUSTOM RIBBON option. We have wound fresh black ink ribbon on the existing spools for you. A respool may be ordered on Etsy or on our website.

(REMEMBER: we professionally SERVICE our typewriters and do NOT replace parts, unless otherwise noted. We do NOT restore or refurbish.)


  1. You are purchasing a VINTAGE item. There are inherent risks with vintage products.
  2. Free shipping via FedEx. Signature is required. We do NOT ship outside the mainland U.S.
  3. We professionally SERVICE our typewriters. This means we clean and perform minor repairs. We do NOT replace parts unless otherwise specified in the description. Our typewriters are not refurbished or restored. Please read this blog post that explains the difference.
  4. Shipping is hard on typewriters and sometimes things get shifted and jiggled around. Most of the time, any impact is minor. That being said, we are happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you might have. If there are any concerns, please contact Rob immediately at hello@jotandtittletypewriters.com.
  5. We provide a typing demo video for each of our typewriters so you can see how it works before you purchase. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU WATCH THE DEMO VIDEO FIRST! (link above)
  6. Shipping typewriters is expensive and risky. Sometimes things get jostled around and most of the time it is minor and an easy fix. We insure all our packages to cover the full cost of the typewriter. If your typewriter is damaged, please read our shipping and insurance policy here for instructions.
  7. When you receive your typewriter, we highly recommend you rewatch the demo video and watch the tutorial video BEFORE you attempt to use the typewriter. (see links above)


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Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 13 × 6 in


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