1902 Smith Premier No. 2


FREE SHIPPING. What a tremendous find! A 1902 Smith Premier No. 2. Utilizes the early double keyboard and imprints from the bottom. Fantastic collector’s item. Best of all…it actually works! The original metal cover is in great shape. Due to the high cost and risk in shipping this item, it is sold AS-IS. It will be carefully packed and fully insured. Please read the full description for all the details and important information! 

See it in action before you buy: https://youtu.be/c6ozWWylODw


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? IMPORTANT! Please read everything carefully. Click here to Read our full shipping and return policy prior to making a purchase.


What a tremendous find! A 1902 Smith Premier No. 2. Utilizes the early double keyboard and imprints from the bottom. Fantastic collector’s item. Best of all…it actually works! The original metal cover is in great shape for being 118 years old (only 7 years older than Bilbo Baggins ?). The detail and craftsmanship in this antique machine is spectacular. You’ll definitely want to keep this on display. Very hard to come by and a true treasure of early typewriters. We’re including a printout of a user manual for a similar model – not the exact model, but close enough to help you navigate this machine, along with our tutorial video. We also created a video showing you how to replace the ribbon. You’ll want to make sure to bookmark the tutorial videos for future reference.

The original metal cover is gorgeous and snaps over the top of the typewriter. Has a wooden handle. The decals on both the cover and typewriter look fantastic. The typewriter is attached to a wood base, which serves as the bottom of the metal cover. If you wish to do more research on the Smith Premier typewriter, this article would be a good place to start:  Smith Premier Typewriters

performance review: I don’t know how to compare this to anything I’ve ever used before because it is so different. While it is certainly a novelty machine, I found that it types well enough for regular use – and it’s fun! That being said, the double keyboard and blind typing will take some time to get used to. Definitely usable for letters, a special project, or casual use. We had a custom ribbon made for this typewriter. It should last you some time. Replacement ribbons can be ordered through us.

Shipping is included in the price of all our typewriters. This particular antique machine will require extra care in packing and shipping. Due to the high expense and risk in shipping, we are not offering a warranty option and it can not be returned. It will be fully insured, so if there is any shipping damage, please notify us immediately.

Be sure to watch the demo and tutorial videos below. Cleaned, serviced, tested, and a new ribbon is installed. It is ready to go!


? typewriter tutorial and demo video:  https://youtu.be/c6ozWWylODw

? changing a ribbon on the Smith Premier No. 2:  https://youtu.be/owgEuNs2b80

known issues: some chipping in the paint; platen is useable but hard.

type of ribbon: Uses a specialty ribbon. A new one is installed. Replacement ribbons are available here.

dimensions: 14″ wide x 13″ deep x 10″ tall

typewriter cover size:  Upright Standard

serial number:   60982

font size: 

(NOTE: we professionally SERVICE our typewriters and do NOT replace parts, unless otherwise noted. We do NOT restore or refurbish.)


  1. You are purchasing a VINTAGE item. There are inherent risks with vintage products.
  2. Free shipping via FedEx. Signature is required. We do NOT ship outside the mainland U.S.
  3. We professionally SERVICE our typewriters. This means we clean and do minor repairs. We do NOT replace parts unless otherwise specified in the description. Our typewriters are not refurbished or restored. Please read this blog post that explains the difference.
  4. A warranty is not available on this item due to the high cost of shipping. SOLD AS-IS.
  5. We provide a typing demo video for each of our typewriters so you can see how it works before you purchase. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU WATCH THE DEMO VIDEO FIRST! (link above)
  6. Shipping typewriters is expensive and risky. Sometimes things get jostled around and most of the time it is minor and an easy fix. We insure all our packages to cover the full cost of the typewriter. If your typewriter is damaged, please read our shipping and return policy here for instructions.
  7. When you receive your typewriter, we highly recommend you rewatch the demo video and watch the tutorial video BEFORE you attempt to use the typewriter. (see links above)


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