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Pease explain the functions of various parts.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely do another post to explain the parts. (I have some catching up to do on posts!)

This was helpful tanks so mush

Thank you! I was just watching a YouTube video of the song “Too Marvelous For Words” which features an enormous manual typewriter, and I found myself wanting to know the names of what you call “the strikers.” Here’s a link to the song (a huge production number from a 1937 Warner Brothers movie) if you are curious:

Hi Will. Thanks for the comment and the video. I’ll check it out.

My typewriter isn’t working properly, when I type the carriage doesn’t move so all letters are going to the same spot help please

Hi Samantha. It’s hard to know what it is without looking at it. I suspect you need a new drawband. We do offer service and repair. If interested, please email us at [email protected] with photos and/or a video of what your typewriter is doing. We’ll be able to give you a quote. Thank you, Laura.

on the right of my typewriter there is a little switch with a + and – sign on it. i’m not sure what its purpose is.. can you help me?

Hi Liv,

Can you email a photo to [email protected]?



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