antique typewriter with paper: how to loosen stiff or sticky typewriter keys
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I have a electric typewriter the letter key that you press down it gets stuck down and doesn’t pop back up afterwards
how do I fix it to get the letter key to pop back up afterwards ?

Just use mineral spirits?

Hi Justin. I apologize for the delay. Try the mineral spirits. If that doesn’t work, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll have Rob respond with suggestions. All the best! – Laura

I would also like to note a common place for sticky keys on typewriters that have not been cleaned in years is underneath the typewriter. If you flip the typewriter upside down and press a key you will find another lever slot that corresponds to that key. If cleaning the escapement does not solve your sticky key problem try the mineral spirits on this section.

Thank you for you input Matthew! We always appreciate it.

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