Going Places

When we started Jot & Tittle in September 2018, it was more of an experiment. Like a, “Hey, waddaya think about this?” followed by, “Hum. Yea, sure, let’s try it!”. What followed surprised us as we scrambled to keep up with business and Rob frantically learned how to repair typewriters.

It’s been a fun ride so far and we’ve embraced the reality that we’ve found our niche. Selling vintage typewriters is so much fun for us and Rob has become quite efficient and good at repairing them. March 2019 was our biggest month yet. But for the moment, we’re pulling way back in our business because our family is packing up and moving to another state.


Today is our last day in our condo in Colorado Springs. Rob’s doing all the heavy lifting while I finish packing up the last of the never-ending knick-knacks around the house. We’ll miss our AMAZING views of Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes Peak. It certainly is pretty in Colorado Springs, but there’s a lot of things we won’t miss. (Traffic, the smell of marijuana, people everywhere, and skyrocketing prices.)

Rob busy moving the heavy stuff!

I will miss all the wonderful coffee shops, independent cafes and restaurants, amazing summer weather, and, of course, my friends and family.

I’ll miss my patio view! I enjoyed it all the time.


We’re headed to southern Missouri – Table Rock Lake area, actually. We’re in negotiations for a home overlooking the lake with ample room to grow our typewriter business.

Carrying heavy typewriter orders up and down stairs to our condo wasn’t so fun. Now, we’ll have the space for a proper work room (instead of my office space and our bedroom…and the dining room…and the living room and hallways…).

We’re excited to get new typewriters up on the shop and finally upload the manuals, instructions, and other goodies we’ve been collecting over the last several months, more YouTube videos for tips, etc., and finally getting time to develop our online community of fellow typers!

But it’ll be mid-to-late June before everything is up and running again.

Our new view 🙂

So I guess you could say we’re going places in more ways than one.

Our family is excited about the change in location and Rob is ready to start offering typewriter service and repair – in addition to our vintage typewriter sales business.

Thank you to our friends and customers who have been integral in getting our business up and running. We couldn’t go places without you!

Because of the Big Move, our typewriter business is in a bit of a
hibernation stage at the moment. We'll be back up and running in
full force soon! Look for new typewriters on our shop early to
mid June.