I’m Laura, and together with my husband, Rob, we started Jot & Tittle.

Our home is at the base of Pikes Peak (literally) and we enjoy kayaking, taking cruises, and our family. We’re a blended family: Rob has a grown daughter (soon to be married!) and I have a son who’s a senior in high school.


Jot & Tittle was a bit of a surprise to us and literally sprang up overnight.

You see, I like to write. And I had been wanting an old typewriter to use for the first drafts of projects.

As I searched for typewriters for sale, I came across those that were in terrible disrepair (and I didn’t feel like cleaning them up as I didn’t know what I was doing) OR I stumbled upon the most beautiful machines I had ever seen – but were way outside of my price range.

Being the ever entrepreneur and knowing my husband loves the challenge of a good hunt, I wondered if we could offer our own typewriters for sale. Unbeknownst to me, my husband was thinking the very same thing!

We bought a couple we found locally and Rob set to work cleaning them up.

a man doing typewriter repair
Rob working on one of the first typewriters we got.


We sold the first one to a friend – before we even had the chance to list it on our new Etsy site.

The same thing happened with the next two! Next thing we knew, we had the bug. Every night for a few weeks, we plopped down on the couch after dinner and scoured every place we could think of for really cheap typewriters.

With each typewriter, our confidence and excitement grew.

Rob watched lots of videos on repair, joined groups with other typewriter repair folks, plus learned by doing!

While Rob was learning the mechanics, I was busy putting together a proper business and thinking of new product ideas that would go along with vintage typewriters.

As I teen, IΒ  would send letters with wax seals or decorate envelopes. Getting a letter in the mail was – and still is – an absolute joy.

Writing – Typewriters – Snail Mail – The Art Of Communication…

it all blends together beautifully. Jot & Tittle is off to aΒ great start and it’s very exciting for our family!

Grateful to have you here,

~ Rob & Laura