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1960s Smith-Corona Coronet Electric 12

purple vintage typewriter, electric

Some of our typewriters come in rough shape, the colors are unattractive, or they really show the signs of their age. When that happens, we often choose to repaint, especially typewriters from the 1960s and 70s. This Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12 received a fresh coat of “Grape” paint.

The Coronet Electric 12 by Smith Corona is an excellent everyday machine. I like to recommend it for beginners because, as an electric, it is easy to type on than a manual. This also makes it a good choice for our younger typers.

Additionally, the Electric 12 gets its name from the 12″ carriage, longer than the average 10″ carriage on most typewriters. The advantage of the longer carriage is that you have more options to use larger paper sizes. This is suits crafters well. So if you aim to use your typewriter for various crafts, you may want to consider one with a larger carriage should you find you want to use odd-sized paper.

This grape-colored vintage typewriter came with a nice, solid case.

The type font is the larger PICA, or 10 cpi.

A typewriter like the Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12 is a good option for casual writers, beginners, younger typers, or those of you looking for a non-fancy everyday machine.

When looking at electric typewriters, it is best to purchase one that has been serviced to make sure the motor is in good condition.

Take a look at the typing tutorial we did for this machine:

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